Seminar 3_Urban Agriculture

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February 14th

Members: Caleb McGinn, Darylanne Hammlin, Brydget Lewicki, Anita Robels, Lindsay Ledohowski, Amanda Reis, Samantha Brodick, Ellen Enns, Mitch

The integration of Urban Agriculture into urban planning – An Analysis of the current status and constraints 

Axel Drescher
University of Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany

Urban agriculture does not exist enough within inner-city land. Urban agriculture usually exists as a small-scale project and is not intended for profit but to provide everyday sustenance for the community, educate people about sustainable living and allow them to be self-sufficient. This idea of a local urban garden also decreases transportation energy when acquiring these foods. Proper education of what to do and how to do it well will pursued everyone to live more sustainably because it’s financially beneficial.

Urban Agriculture: Environment, Ecology and the Urban Poor

The Second article discusses the benefits of Urban agriculture and the discrepancy between the data that is being collected and the urban agriculture practices of the people. In order to fully understand and bridge the gap between the literature and the practices, we need to start from the perspective of these poor people. Let’s start in the human-scale of the community. Getting direct feedback from the citizens will provide the best data needed to improve the urban agriculture practices in both rich and poor communities.

Reflections: I believe that with proper education and ample resources, every community should start and maintain a community garden. This type of activity could bring the whole community together and would definitely teach everyone to live a very self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle.

Axel, Drescher. “The integration of Urban Agriculture into urban planning – An analysis of the current status and constraints”. Urban Agriculture. ( 2001) 

Webb, Nigel. “Urban Agriculture Environment, Ecology and the Urban Poor” URBAN FORUM 9:1, (1998) pg. 96- 107 (1998)



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