Seminar 2_Sustainable Site Planning

deedeeflower. “Save The Panda Bears! – Flora and Fauna Wallpaper (18586477) – Fanpop fanclubs.” Fanpop – Fan clubs for everything. What are you a fan of?. http://www.fanp

February 7th

Members: Claire Davis, Erns Wall, Jody Miller, Elyssa Woods, Tong Jiao, Madeline Sweetland.

Sustainable urban development and the multi-level transition perspective

The first article discusses the understanding of a site involves learning what makes it thrive, its living systems and other external components such as preexisting structures. The flora and fauna, geology (soil) and hydrology (water bodies) of a site are vital to understanding a site. As a general conclusion, sustainable site planning includes treating everything within the site as a  complex interconnected living system.

Unknown. ” Fredericia, Denmark” . Photograph. (accessed April 1, 2013)

Sustainable Infrastructure: The Guide to Green Engineering and Design

Better design of cities is our way towards sustainability.  More compact cities would use less energy on transportation per person. It also takes less energy to heat and cool multi-family complex than a single-family stand-alone house. The concentrated population of a city translates into a less expensive public transportation for everyone and the maintenance of these infrastructures.

Fredericia, Denmark exemplifies a city that has the opportunity to develop sustainably.  It is cheaper to expand than to build up, but sustainable urban development is more prevalent in this city. The transition includes the redesigning of a former industrial park into a multi-functional district. Better transportation plays a huge part of this movement. This includes better parking policies, public transportation running on alternative fuels, zero-emission vehicles, car-pooling and mobility management.


For those that live in a suburban development, would you be willing to give up your relatively large amount of personal yard space and move into a multi-unit housing development in the inner city?  What are the benefits of suburbia?  What are the benefits of living in the inner city?

Yes , I would give up my yard space because I believe that lessening your private space could promote the sense of community and in turn create opportunity to influence each other to live sustainably. Suburbia allows you to feel the sense of ownership of your property than the inner city living.  In contrast, I would prefer to create a stronger sense of community rather than living in almost solitude from the rest of the neighborhood in a stand-alone house.

Sarté, Bry S. “Sustainable Infrastructure: The Guide to Green Engineering and Design” . John Wiley & Sons, INC, 1-16 .

Naess, Peter, and Nina Vogel. “Sustainable urban development and the multi-level transition perspective.” Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions. : 36-50. (accessed March 20, 2013).


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