Omer Abel Office

Established in 2005 by Omer Arbel, OAO (Omer Arbel Office) is an architectural firm based in Vancouver. Their works that were presented during the lecture ranged from light fixture, exhibition installations and into the traditional field of architecture, buildings.

Out of all  projects that they’ve shown, the smaller scale products caught my interest. They created these objects not in the traditional sense of thinking about the form first and then the process making it comes after. They conduct a study of the material and let it teach them about the possibility of form.

Sand casting with various metals and glass-blowing were two very traditional processes that they explored.

Arbel, Omer. “Projects.” Omer Arbel Office. (accessed March 26, 2013).

Product 19.0

Instead of focusing of the product being casted inside the mold, the excess molten metal that was spilling out of the mold became their oject of interest. They’re exploration created these magnificent pieces of metal. Each has it’s own unique shape but all were made through the  same exact process of pouring.

Omer Arbel. “Projects.” OAO (Omer Arbel Office). (accessed March 26, 2013).

Product 28 and 57.0

These are just two of the multiple glass-blown products OAO has designed. 28.0 was developed through a system of blowing air into a very hot blob of glass, another kind of glass with a higher temperature is placed onto the original one and then negative air pressure is applied. This process created internal shapes of different type of glass within the original orb.

These type of approach to design is quite ingenious. The one of a kind processes can foster innovation in the field and in turn could be applied to the world of design.



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