Terreform One_Maria Aiolova

Maria Aiolova is the founding Co-President of Terreform One. She is a professor, architect and urban designer in New York City. The theory, science and application of ecological design is the focus of her work

Her lecture had a few different topics. One of them is experimentation of new materials for construction of architecture and another is about a different take in urban planning through the collaboration of multidisciplinary group of people


It’s a proposal that utilizes in vitro flesh as building blocks of a house. The parts of the shelter are created through 3D printing pig cells to form authentic and organic structures.

A section of the shelter

A section of the shelter


A concept that uses native trees to create a living shelter. These trees are manipulated to follow a reusable template of a dwelling. This method creates a shelter that is literally part of its environment.

A Grown Shelter

A Grown Shelter


“Innovation doesn’t happen in isolation, it happens in a collective”_Maria Aiolova

A radically new take on education through experimentation and collaboration for the purpose innovating the design our cities was introduced during this lecture. Maria mentioned this conglomeration called “Urbaneers”.  They are multidisciplinary advocates of ecological design. You’ll find students and professionals and educators from all sorts of fields working together to innovate the world of design.  They work together to educate the next generation of designers and develop our way of living through creative and sustainable solutions.


Terreform’s goal of developing highly creative  and innovative solutions to solve the world’s environmental crisis truly shows based on the works Maria showed during her lecture. Throwing something so new out in the design world, such as the Meat House, is quite an impressive feat. Designers who have the courage of challenging society’s aesthetic beliefs and opening the floor for criticism is what we need in this day and age of design. Terreform One is definitely one of the few firms that would shock the world.


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